August is the End

by Jacob Wylde

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This is an EP that I wrote and recorded in the winter of 2013.


released January 8, 2014



all rights reserved


Jacob Wylde Perth, Australia

I do things with my time. One of the things I do with my time is music. You can listen to some of it here.

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Track Name: Peak, Alone, No Home.
You talk to your self.
Track Name: Seed of Sedition (At 5:45pm)
I love winter the best
That cold shiver in my chest
Green grows, there's life
And birds know when to go home
It's about 5:45

I like to watch water fall
The rain on my roof top as I lie at night
But i don't sleep much anymore
My thoughts they just wont stop

"Peaks pull the pride of the land
Creatures move slowly you stand
For while the cold of winter is yet to come
Your mind is frightened the body numb
In silence you move so as not to be heard
Your hope is weakened in the sound of a bird
For night is approaching and death is abroad
You lose sight of survival despite your enthral
River beds weep at the reign of your rage
Mountains sleep in the absence of day
You feel a pain from the inside to out
No God given gain, just angst and drought
Effusive in flight, a treacherous sight
It's the hunters moon waking for night"

Loneliness breaks
And brokennes kills
A seed of sedition planted in my brain
I'll sign this petition, I'll sell my name
To this plastic ambition I'll lose this game
Track Name: Helios
Oh what a companion, you don't show
Evenings brighter, with full moon
Something like sorrow, wash away as rain
Keeper of water. and the day
Never Forgiveness something like Kindred with spirits young

Tempestuous winter
Pick up your raiment
ο ήλιος
Keeper of warmth
Shining waters, a lake as the horses they carry you home

Languid foreboding sounds, Keeper of warmth
Whispers as constant as rain, they carry you home.
Track Name: Rain, to Wash Away Your Suffering.
dah dah dah etc.
Track Name: Memory
A garden, a memory, a death
Somethings will never be made the same
You said "When I was younger I didn't have to be scared"
And "When I was younger my Mother she taught me to care"

"But I don't care, I don't care..."

You showed no love, and now your love is gone
In an ocean full of sorrow you remember the day that she left you
You said "Now that I'm older I am so alone"
And "Now that I'm older I'm living just for to end"

"I'm so lost, I'm so lost."
Track Name: In Summary...
There are no lyrics to this song because it is an instrumental but if there were lyrics they would go like this: "cats cats cats."